26. Dezember 2019, 13:56

???????? 1K GIVEAWAY ????????
Guys, as crazy as this may sound, you are now 1000 people to follow Samba’s journey. Some might think it’s stupid to make an instagram account for a dog, but I’m glad I did. Not only does it help me keep track of Samba’s adventures, I got the opportunity to meet incredible dog owners with whom I’ve had the chance to share tips, experiences and above all, a genuine passion for our furry friends. That being said, I have decided to host a little giveaway and share another one of my passions to mark the occasion... drawing! ????
I will therefore be giving away a portrait of one of your beloved pups (either pastel, watercolor or black & white), made by me ????????‍???? I’ve drawn a few over the years, you can find some of my artwork on my personal account @lou_walck ✨

How to enter : Rules are simple. You only have to follow Samba’s account and leave a comment below! Sharing in your story and tagging friends is not mandatory, but feel free to! ????????

You have until December 31rst. I will then randomly pick a lucky winner and will start drawing so you can have your portrait early next year ????
Good luck and thank you! ????

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