05. Oktober 2019, 15:57

???????? You could not change the ???? alone ???????? A study says, that in our lifetime we meet almost 10,000 people.
Thats a lot of folks ⭐️ But everyone of you changes the lifes of just 10 peoples, and each one of those people another 10 peoples, and another 10...... See how many peoples you know and you will count, that in 1 generation we could change the lifes of the hole population of the world ❤️ If you think it‘s hard to changes the lifes of 10 people your wrong ???? I heard it from Rob today ???????? Changing the world could happend anywhere and everybody could do it ???????????????????? It matters not your gender, your ethnic religion backround, your orientation or social status. Our struggles in this world are similar ✔️ What connects us is our humanity ????

If you wanna change the ???? find someone to help you paddle ⭐️ Thank you for that nice lunch & your spirit Duss Rob ????????????❤️#goodvibes #photographyproject???????? #make #the #world #better #teamwork #project #humanity #switzerland???????? #luzern???????? #entlebuch #winterthur

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