05. Oktober 2018, 17:30

Exploring the mystical Rossweid… relaxing in enchanting swings, taking in kaleidoscope views and picking wild blueberries… heaven for the little kids and big kids like me too! ????
There’s definitely something about autumn that has me reflecting, winding down and thinking a bit deeper about things.
And when I think my mind goes off on all sorts of tangents, one of the things I thought about recently is the fact that painters have always had the creative freedom to add things, exclude things, change the colour of things when they interpret a scene and it’s totally acceptable. But when a photographer does it, it seems more likely to upset people.
And I just find it interesting I guess... because to me they are both an art form and all art is subjective, open to interpretation and influenced by the perspective of the artist who creates it.
Go take a peek at Stories to see how I ‘painted’ this scene into Autumn using the Lightroom brush tool.
Who’s your favorite painter? I love Monet and his dreamy floral scenes...

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