03. Oktober 2018, 17:21

Exploring the UNESCO biosphere of Entlebuch on the weekend was like being in a fairytale. Yesterday you saw my favourite view and today I wanted to show you the magical moorlands I got to frolic through!
And I am going to sound so ridiculous telling you this, but earlier today when I was editing this picture I actually had one of those weird emotional moments and got a little teary. Because what you don’t see when you look at this photo is the moment right before it was taken.
We were lucky enough to have an amazing guide from @biosphaere_entlebuch show us around for the day and I was apologising for stopping to get a photo again after walking only 10 meters from the previous photo spot, when she replied “It’s ok, it makes me so happy that you think my home is beautiful, it makes me so proud.” And those are the kind of words that give me happy tears.
And what makes me extra grateful is that I get to share the magic I see in the world with all of you, and I feel so so happy I can help inspire you to see the magic too. So today I just wanted to say thank you for following my journey. And not only following it, but being a part of it. I truly look forward to the conversations we get to have each day on my posts, Stories and DMs.
I’d love to hear why you follow me and what kind of posts you enjoy the most so I can continue to create the things that make your day a little brighter!

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