02. Oktober 2018, 15:29

It’s views like this that remind me how grateful I am for the life I’ve worked hard for and built for myself.
But I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again and again, don’t forget that behind the perfectly curated squares of Instagram are real people with all the ups and downs of real life.
And a week or so ago I shared some of my biggest vulnerabilities in the hope I could help others know they aren’t alone. I think this is a really important message to spread so I wanted to share a few more of the real snippets from my life.
8 Random, real + raw things about me:
- I have an irrational fear of driving in unfamiliar places, no matter how I try to explain it, it always sounds so silly, but I get sweaty palms, a racing heart and anxious - I failed my driving test 7 times because of this fear but I am actually a very good and cautious driver
- My whole life is in actual fact not pink, yes I love creating fairytale pink scenes to share, but just like everything you see on Instagram it only shows a small snippet of who I am and my house has hardly any pink decor - I’m afraid to have children because I feel like I will lose my own identity and turn into someone else - but I do have a list of baby names in my Notes app - I change my mind about how I feel about parenthood almost daily
- I spend way too much energy worrying whether or not other people like me
- The overalls I am wearing here are currently in my washing pile with a big grass stain across the butt from when I sat down, I have no idea how to get it out (tips welcome)
- I have recurring nightmares about being in dodgy elevators that always drop with open doors
- When I worked in the corporate world I was once told by a male manager that the reason I wore makeup was to impress and get the attention of the men in the management team
- I don’t have a religion but I’m a big believer in the law of attraction - the energy you put out into the world is what you get back
Would you like to see me talk more about my life behind the squares on my IGTV? And does anyone else have an irrational fear they can’t explain, like I do with driving?

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